JAM Concert
This year is the first time Kanjani do the 5 big dome concert in summer.
I already watched it 3 times, in Nagoya (8/4, 8/5) and in Tokyo (8/13).
All of it are stand seats. But not bad because my seats always beside the aisle.
The first part was band session, about 50 minutes. After that MC and idol session.
Overall I like the concert. The stage was amazing and the effects are also good compare to previous concerts.
The best one was in Tokyo (8/13).
Because of the qr code system, I didn't know my seat until the staff scan it before entering the dome. The ticket said 4th row. I am happy thinking that it near the front row. Maybe I can see their face near than before. But when I found my seat, it was the first row. In front of my seat was the vip seat. Before the concert start, ryo's dorama, uchi no otto team came and sit in the vip seats, in front of me. Matsuoka Mayu hold ryo's uchiwa and penlight, swing it happily throughout the concert. She enjoyed the concert I think. Beside the UnO team, there was this boy sits alone, I thought I'd seen him somewhere. I was trying to remember who he is throughout the concert but failed. I didn't remember. The concert ended, UnO team picked yellow tape, and gave the tapes around them to the fans. I received some from Imoto Ayaka and Sato Ryuta. I waved to Matsuoka Mayu, she smiled and waved back. She was right in front of me and a bit different from what I've seen in tv. But still really cute.
I got many silver tape. I gave some to people, but still have many leftover silver tapes. I think I will give it to some eighters next time.

A few days later I saw the video when UnO team they watched Jam. I can see my face there. Lol. The one with Okura's uchiwa is me. Lolol.

And today I found out that the boy sat next to UnO team was Kikuchi Fuma. That's way I feel I've seen him somewhere. Wow. To think that I can see eito, UnO team, and Kikuchi Fuma in one place at the same time. I am not his fan but still. He was nearer than eito at that time, thought it was eito's concert.

Next is Fukuoka!
I hope my seat is in Arena, or at least next to aisle and front row.
Well, wherever my seat is, I will be happy to see eito again!

Being busy with all of my studies for my master degree.
Everyday is research from now on. I will do my best so I can graduate this September and go trip around Japan after that!

Last week was golden week in Japan. My family came visit me here and we go to Osaka for 2 nights and spend the rest days in Fukuoka.
I had a lot of fun. But its time to get back to reality.
I forgot that eito's concert dvd will be out this week although I already ordered it.
My dvd is on its way now. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow.
I can't wait!
I hope I get the ticket for eito's concert this summer.
I apply for all stages, one ticket.
I hope I can get at least in Fukuoka.

Okay. Back to research!

I just saw the result
Weirdly, I pass it
I didn't study that much before the test
I just watched eito's things and some dramas
My listening score is really high thanks to that
But my reading and grammar sections are not that good
I will improve my grammar and vocab first
After that I will try N2 next

Kanjani's Eightertainment, Fukuoka
So this 2nd and 3rd January I went to eito's concert.
The first day, 2nd Januray 2017.
I planned to wake up and go there early but I am still tired from the new year eve's party so I come late to the dome.
When I came around 12 am, the queue for concert's goods already long and I need to wait around 2 hours to arrive at the counter, while raining and I didn't bring umbrella. So I am all wet that time, and cold. When I was already queuing in front of their counter, they said that the parka, the one tacchon produce, already sold out.
Suddenly I became really sad because I really want to use that parka in the concert. So I used the ROCK T instead. I will try to get the parka from auction if the price is not very expensive. I bought almost everything that eito member produce, except the pamphlet. I bought subaru's subachon mat but I don't know how to use it. I don't even know what is that for but I still bought it XD
First day, my seat is at stand, 3rd base, 16 row from front, and not so far from one of the small stage. The song list mostly same with the one that I found in the internet. But in acoustic session, they sang "Ai to You" and Ittajanaisuka". I thought it will be 3 songs. The band session is amazing. They sang "Tokyoholic", the one that will come out this Januari. It was an amazing band song, I like it from the first time I hear it. Next band song was "Zou". I love this song and I really happy that they finally bring it live in band session instead of dance. Last song was "NOROSHI" in band session. I really like their band session. It makes you want to jump but I can't. Because my seat is like in the family region where there are so many kids so when all the people stand, the kids cannot see the stage. I really want to jump and dance along but I cant. I sat from the beginning until the end. After an eito call, the boys came again for encore, singing some of their singles, from the balloon, and I sing along. End it with omoidama. After the holding-hands, the boys go down stage.
Well I am not good at telling my experience but I am happy eventhough I got wet and cannot stand, but maru wave at me. I really like this year's penlight. You can change the color so the member can know who you want to greet. Maru always came to the small stage near my seat, and I will change the penlight color to orange (from green of course), and wave with a big smile on my face. And he wave back. I am happy.

Day 2, maybe I will make another post about this.
I already decide it as one of my best day in 2017, my first best day in 2017.
It was an amazing concert, my seat was in front of the stage and I saw tacchon dancing while singing "Steal Your Love" in front of me, saw Yoko's six pack when singing "Hadaka", saw Maru's adorableness everytime, and Subaru noticed me because I using red hat and red light penlight. He waved at me.

It is already late, I will try to sleep while remembering today's concert.
A happy one.

Final exam
I will have my final exam in a week.
Not study yet.
Still doing some final assignments, final reports, and homework.
Welcoming the new seasons for dramas and animes. Will watch it later after finishing all the exam *sigh
Oh and I went to eito's concert in Fukuoka, 2nd and 3rd January.
I am so happy. Also meet some eito's overseas fans.
But so sad I cannot come to Subaru's concert :(
Oh well I hope I can come to their next concert.
I need to finish my assignments.


Entrance Ceremony
Last monday i had an entrance ceremony for my master degree in Japan.
There are so many things to do, so many documents to fill, and so many deadlines for those documents.
I already wrote it but I always feel that I've missed something. Like i missed one documents. I recheck it already and I hope I didn't miss anything. Hopefully.
I already contact a professor from a lab that I interested in. I will meet him tomorrow. Really nerveous.
Okay. I hope everything will go well.

I miss my cat :(

meet my cat
the laziest cat that has 3 kittens
even though she is kind of lazy but she has become a good mom for her kittens
and tomorrow she will be separated from her kittens
i hope she will be okay


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